Non Profit Email Design That Works

Here are 5 tips for writing and designing fundraising emails for maximum results for non profit organizations.

No matter how altruistic and selfless they are, the reader wants to know what’s in it for them. People give to your non profit because they want to make a difference, and you need to specifically tell them – in words that address them directly – the difference they’re making. You also need to succinctly assure them that you will use their funds appropriately and efficiently.

  1. Use action words to get response. In your buttons, use words like “click here,” “learn more,” “get more,” etc. Be careful, though, because “click here” and “go here” in links (rather than graphics) will get your email flagged as spam. All of these links should go to a dedicated landing page that doesn’t include links to the rest of the website – you lose people when you let them browse too much.
  2. Headlines are extremely important. Since you have a limited amount of time to capture your reader’s attention and move them to action, you don’t want to waste time making things hard on their eyes. Only the first letter in each word should be capitalized (not all caps), and Times New Roman and Arial fonts are the easiest to read.
  3. Design attractive email headers and footers that are web optimized. These are much more professional looking than plain text emails. But if the file size of your graphics are too large, the emails will load too slowly, and you’ll lose people.
  4. Be sure to include a web version for people to view if they can’t see the graphics in the email. Put a link at the top that says: Can’t see the graphics? Preview Online. Put the entire email on a web page.

Put these basic tips into use, and you’ll see improved click through to your landing pages. In another blog, I’ll provide tips for landing page response.

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