Mobile Phone Users Outnumber Toothbrush Owners

Mobile Phone Users Outnumber Toothbrush Owners - Pathmaker BlogThe mobile industry is now dominating the markets: nearly everyone in today’s world has a mobile phone, if not two or three, and a large percentage of these phones are smartphones. Users are using smartphones nowadays to do everything – from online shopping to booking business meetings to keeping up to date on all their social media accounts.

It is true: there are more mobile phone users than toothbrush owners in today’s world. And the trend is only multiplying substantially as technology develops faster and further and becomes even more a part of the daily routine of the modern world.

With so many smartphone users and mobile clients, this also means one important thing: the mobile market is a growing industry that can’t be ignored. The problem is, most businesses forget it is there. The majority of businesses invest less than one percent of their marketing budget on mobile clients, and this is a huge mistake.

With so many mobile users these days, there are hundreds of different creative ways to get consumers’ attention, or to raise awareness about your brand. Everyone these days has a social media account, so marketing your brand on App-friendly pages like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and even Snapchat are all good ways to get started.

But just because those are easy ways to get involved with the mobile industry doesn’t necessarily mean they are the only ways, or the best ways. With so many Apps available, the competition to create a mobile-friendly App for your brand is fierce, and a lot of clients and consumers don’t have the space, or time, to skim through the markets and find your App.

There are a lot more ways, and creative routes, to get more involved with the mobile market and amplify your name. Here are some important stats shared in an InfoGraphic to keep in mind as you start thinking about your next Mobile Marketing effort:

Mobile Phone Users Outnumber Toothbrush Owners.

Ivan Serrano is a social media, business and finance journalist living in the Bay Area of California.

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