Virtual Tours in Non Profit Website Design

Ever consider making a virtual tour a vital part of your non profit website design? The typical virtual tour is typically 360 degree still shots of the inside and outside of your facility. But Pathmaker Marketing LLC is working on a tour that is much more.

We’re serving a client whose facility in Europe represents an important part of world history. We’re working to film their regular visitor tour. We’re using the audio from that tour along with video of the docents wearing period attire. While listening to the tour, virtual visitors will be able to interact with the room to make the history come to life.  This Virtual Tour will become a part of their arsenal of incredible online marketing tools.

We’re partnering with a wonderful organization to help us put together this unique tool. If a virtual tour is a part of your non profit website design future, you might want to give Pathmaker Marketing a phone call at 623-322-3334. You can find our Virtual Tour partner online at: Regal 360.

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