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Even if you don’t frequent them, you’ve probably heard sites such as MyspaceFacebook and Linkedin.  You may see these sites as youth-based social circles for kids to interact with each other via the Internet.  But you can take advantage of these sites to benefit your non profit fund raising program.   

These sites are known as social networks … places for individuals to interact with each other and share information.  These sites can be very useful tools for building contact groups and relationships with specific communities and markets.  

One of the greatest features of these types of sites is the amount of interaction you can have with your network of friends.  For example, if you are an author, you can send out an announcement to all of your friends about your newest book release.  In a sense, you can use these sites as mini press releases.  So, not only are you able to connect and share information at a lightning speed, but it is also free!  All it takes is a little bit of time and energy on your part.  The more time you put into it, the more you can get out of it. 

Social networking sites also offer many amazing features—from bulletin boards to blogs to event calendars.  Features like this help to keep your network informed. You can also have direct links to your newsletter sign-up sheet (for email fundraising),your website and web stores through social networking sites. These sites can be used a sampler of what your site actually offers. A newer development with these networks is that they are now available through cell phones using the 3G networks.  This means that there is a constant connection between you and your social network, fan base or friends, which ever you feel most comfortable calling them.   

A bonus with social networking is its link development or link building abilities.  This helps to drive traffic to you or your cause and assists in your online fund raising needs.  I highly recommend social network web sites and services to improve your sites overall popularity and link rankings.

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