Have you ever wondered why you have one mouth and two ears?

Have you ever wondered why you have one mouth and two ears?Somewhere along the line, probably towards the end of the 20th Century, our society forgot that the key to communicating is NOT talking, but listening!  And, at about the same time, we forgot that there is more to listening than just not talking ourselves.  That brings us to the point at hand – – there IS a reason we only have one mouth and two ears!

Now, the obvious “take” on this fact is the point that we should listen twice as much as we talk.  And, there is no doubt about it, as a society we do need to listen more.  Further, as business people, we need to listen even more!!!  This is especially true if part of our duties include selling!

I have often thought about writing a book titled, SHUT UP AND SELL, and then discovered that Don Sheehan beat me to it.  In fact, his book came out in 1988, and, I must confess, I have never read it.  However, I have a few points that I want to share that would have been in my book.

  1. Listen to what the client needs/wants and concentrate on that, not on what you want to sell them – One of the least productive things we can do is go meet with a client with a pre-conceived notion of what they are going to buy!  Rather, we should always want to help them with whatever their needs may be.
  2. Needs can change from day to day, and certainly from visit to visit – Always have one of your first questions be, “What can I help you with today?”
  3. “When” can be as important as “what.” – In many instances, getting an item late is  worse than not getting it at all!  To serve your client best, make sure not only can you get them their item but that you can get it to them on time.
  4. In most instances, quality is more important than cost – Everyone wants “least expensive,” no on wants “cheap.”  Make sure you determine what the client is going to use the product for and that you sell them the “quality” that will best meet their needs.

While business isn’t the only place we should listen more than we talk (relationships is another big area!), it certainly is an important one.  Try it – – I’m sure your clients will appreciate it!

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