Premier Blogging Service Delivers Premier Blogging Results

What you really want out of a premier blogging service is to see it deliver results, right?

Well, consider this.  With four posts to this compended, Keyword Blog system, I’ve already gotten to a Top 10 position on Google for this Keyword phrase: Premier Blogging Service. And I intend to stay there by talking about all the merits of this keyword marketing, compended, premier blogging tool.

For one, it flows my blog posts automatically onto the appropriate keyword blog categories. That saves me a ton of time and effort that I get to spend in other areas of my life. This unique feature is called compending. Said in another way, it automatically”populates” each appropriate keyword blog every time I post to my main blog.

Secondly, it search engine optimizes all my blog posts, guiding me to create content that makes the search engines, like Google, Yahoo and Bing, very happy. Plus the content is targeting keywords on the internet.

Thirdly, I can have unlimited users on my system so other friends, staffers or colleagues can help me in the blogging process. That doesn’t cost me anything extra. And I like the extra help. It gives my blog the edge in developing ongoing, relevant content.

Fourthly, it allows me to generate content that gets flowed all across the internet. In doing so, it finds me new friends, who like what I have to say, and want to consider further the services I have to offer.

Fifthly (is that a word?), I can autoflow all my blog posts from this system onto my other “free” blog accounts.

Finally, it’s so easy to use, I just love it. And it comes with complete tech support so that if anything ever goes wrong (which it never does), I’m covered.

If you’d like a Free Demo on this exceptional internet marketing tool, (which can easily become your church blog, ministry blog, church outreach, christian blogging tool, christian marketing tool, non profit marketing tool, or small business blog service), please call me today at 1-623-322-3334. Ask for Randall Mains, and I’ll be glad to share my enthusiasm with you about this fine product that you can take advantage of too.

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Autoflow Your Blog Posts Across the Internet

If you are using a Premier Blogging Service, like this compended marketing tool that I’m promoting here, for your ministry blog or church blog, you can also auto-flow your blog posts across the internet for maximum church outreach and internet business marketing promotion.

Once you’ve got your core blog services established and you are blogging away, consider the following process for leveraging your content across the internet.

  1. Establish a new account with
  2. Establish a new account with
  3. Create a new feed in twitterfeed that pulls content from your source blog and auto-flows that content into your account.
  4. Choose the accounts you want to establish in

For example, blog acounts include: WordPress, Blogger, Xanga, LiveJournal and Vox.
Social accounts include: Twitter, Facebook, Plaxo, Linkedin, Jaiku, Tumblr, etc.

Doing this will populate your blog posts into your free blogging services, and into your social networks, without any need to spend extra time.  You can then begin to implement efficient, effective internet marketing.

You can also just use the account on its own.  This is relatively simple process but it requires you to create a simple message every time you want to flow content out. So it’s mildly more involved but still a superior method than updating all your accounts one by one.
I like to auto-flow my blog posts across the internet, then use for additional messages that are not part of my blogging process.

If you need professional help to get this done for your church outreach or small business, don’t hesitate to call me directly at 623-322-3334 and Pathmaker Marketing will be happy to perform the process on your behalf. 

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9 Reasons to Choose a Premier Blogging Service

Installing an effective ministry blog or church blog can be a simple decision.  Do you want to go the free route, using a service like WordPress or Blogger, or do you want to go with a premium service like Compendium which costs something but is a real marketing tool for your ministry?

I would argue to go with the premier blogging service first.  Then add your free blog services later.  Let me explain why I feel that way. 

The compended blog tool that I use is a superior outreach and promotional vehicle for my company and could be for your ministry, church or small business as well.  It gives me the following advantages in effective internet marketing:

  1. It allows me to establish multiple Keyword blogs. (See my Category list down the right sidebar of this column). Each of these Keyword blog terms has been carefully researched, then run through 2-3 serious evaluation layers, giving me a high degree of confidence that my Keyword Blogs can bust into a Top 10 listing on Google, Yahoo or Bing.  As long as I stay committed to developing relevant content for my keywords, this tool assures me a fighting chance for a Top 10 listing on my terms. It could do the same for you.
  2. It populates all my Keyword blogs automatically as I create my primary blog posts.  This saves me a hige amount of time and energy.  It effectively leverages my writing effort dozens of times over.  For example, once I finish writing this blog post, the system will automatically “compend” it to these other relevant Keyword Blogs (Blog Services, Ministry Blogs, Church Blog, Premier Blogging Service, Ministry Blog, Christian Blogging, etc). Do you get that incredible advantage?
  3. Each Keyword Blog is also fully Search Engine Optimized on that term for Google, Yahoo and Bing.  That begins with each blog having a unique URL. It also includes a nifty color bar tool that enables me to create each post in a way that my copy is fully optimized for my terms.  I would have to do these steps manually otherwise, a time-draining process at best, even for a marketing firm like ours.  For those who don’t understand the SEO process at all, this advantage would be out of reach. If you paid someone to Search Engine Optimize your blog, it would cost you hundreds, maybe even thousands of dollars of income.  It might even be money well spent, if it gets you a top listing for your blog, but the point is, I don’t have to spend any money on SEO with this tool, because my blogs are already optimized for every keyword in our system.  Yours would be too.
  4. It allows me to have unlimited blogger accounts. I can open up the blogging process to as many staffers or writers as I ‘d like, at no additional cost to me.  This gives me the advantage of getting content from multiple sources rather than just relying on myself or a few dedicated writers. If you’re a church, for example, you could have your Senior Pastor, Associate Pastor, Youth Pastor, Worship Leader, C.E. Director, even Deacons and Elders all blogging on the same system, under one account.
  5. It notifies the search engines each time we update our blog.  This process, called pinging, keeps Google informed that there is new content available for evaluation. It does this step so you don’t have to.
  6. It is actively fighting to get me visibility on my keywords — it’s a true marketing tool.  The compending and optimization process, by intent and design, is looking to establish a presence for each keyword in my blog in the Top 10 results of a Google search. This primary goal recognizes that if I get presence on my terms, I will get qualified traffic from those terms to my blog. Qualified traffic to my blog means qualified names added to my email lists, new leads to my church, new sales for my business and/or gifts to my ministry.  This system is prospecting for new customers for me even as it establishes me as an authority in my areas of expertise.  It would accomplish the same strategic objective for your company.
  7. It allows me to auto-flow my content to the free blog services.  Once my premier blogging service is installed, then I also have the option to begin flowing my blog content automatically into numerous other free blog services like WordPress, Blogger, Xanga, LiveJournal, Vox, etc.  This way I get all the advantages of my superior marketing tool and maintain a presence in the other blog services, without any additional effort on my part. You would establish a substantial presence across the internet with this tool in your marketing lineup.
  8. It allows me to control the posting process.  Each post that gets submitted from my bloggers goes into a queue waiting for my approval. This allows me to oversee the posts, perform quality control if necessary, and approve them before they go live. You would have the same measure of content control.
  9. It comes with a superior team of tech support professionals. Although it’s really a turn-key process, if you need help in getting to success using this superior tool, the Pathmaker Marketing team and Compendium are both available to help you.

For a Free Demo of these online marketing tools, call me today at 623-322-3334, and I’d be more than happy to discuss in more detail how this resource could be implemented for your church ministry, non profit organization or small business.

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