If God is your co-pilot you need to change seats!

Have you ever noticed how often someone asks us our opinion when, in reality, all they want is our approval or confirmation?  For example, your wife might come out of the bedroom and say, “What do you think of this dress?”  Now, invariably, they have already decided to wear it and what they really want you to tell them is how nice they look in it!  You know, sometimes that’s the way we are with God – – we don’t want him to “pilot” our life, we just want Him in the cockpit in case something goes wrong!

If you fall into this category you are not alone.  Far too often we put together a plan for our lives and then take it to God for His rubber stamp! We want Him to check and make sure that “All Systems Are Go,” but we don’t want Him to draw up our flight plan – – we are, we are sure, totally capable of doing that ourselves.

Now, and this is really the interesting part, when we relegate God to “co-pilot” status and something goes wrong, we blame Him!  We wonder why He allowed us to “crash and burn,” even though we never really allowed Him to “captain” the ship!

In a day and age when we are bombarded with the concept that we need to be self-sufficient and rely on our own capabilities, it truly is a step of faith to give up the pilot’s chair and allow God to take over.  However, if yo want your life to experience a “smooth flight” and end up with a safe landing, you need to make sure daily that you have not allowed God to be only your co-pilot!!!

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