Websites that Illustrate Good Traffic Conversion Practices

Good traffic conversion and online fund raising systems

The websites I’ve highlighted below are strategically designed to convert website traffic into the collection of strategic marketing assets: email addresses, first names, mailing addresses, telephones, etc. This information, once collected, can be leveraged to begin ongoing relationships that ultimately raise online fundraising dollars. 

Generally, the first step in this process is to ask for initial consumer information (first name and email address) in exchange for a series of downloadable incentives.  The second step is to offer free welcome gifts by mail in exchange for complete information such as, full name mailing address and telephone number.

Non profit marketing results can be significant.  Most of my client cases result in the following data: for every 100 emails we accumulate via downloadable incentives, 65% of them will also convert into full name and snail mail addresses for a Welcome Kit offer. 

The value of this type of info is obvious to non profit fundraising. First names and email addresses are sufficient to begin email communication and email fundraising, whereas the collection of snail mail addresses enable you to begin your direct mail welcome series and puruse traditional nonprofit fundraising efforts. 

Plus, this relationship process all starts off with you providing beneficial resources/ideas/news/etc from the very start of your relationship, thereby banking you goodwill at the front edge or your new acquaintance.   Over time many new friends may become annual donors, monthly givers or even major benefactors. 

Here’s some examples of websites that are using good Traffic Conversion practices:

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