Incorporating Article Marketing into Your Non Profit Online Fund Raising

Article Marketing is nothing new. Ever since there was a printing press, businesses have been writing articles pertinent to their niche and trying to convince publications to distribute them. It helps increase awareness of your business and creates an image of expertise on the author’s part. It helps the publication by giving them good content for less investment than having staff do do the writing, and the publication can charge other businesses for the right of advertising on those pages.

What has changed is how people are using Article Marketing in non profit online fund raising. Most good content sites won’t pay for your article. You still get the good exposure (what amounts to free advertising), and they still get the chance to charge others to pay for that page of your content. But online Article Marketing can turbo charge your non profit online fund raising efforts!

You can use your articles of search engine optimization, for example. Write well-researched articles that fill the needs and concerns of readers of a certain niche of people. Use keywords appropriately, so search engines will find your articles. Be sure to include language that tactfully persuades readers to click to your website. Find websites that cater to that niche, and then dole out your articles to a variety of content publishers. The link back to your website increases your site traffic, and if the publishing site distributes your articles via RSS feeds, the number of exposures to your article—and the people clicking on links to your site—greatly increases.

Another advantage of links to your website from within a widely-distributed article is that search engines rank sites higher in search results when you have more links to your site. This gives you even more exposure than just the article creates.

You’ll need to be sure to link back to pages that convert the visitors to assets (email lists, sales, donations, etc.) Pathmaker Marketing LLC can help you devise a traffic conversion strategy that complements your non profit online fund raising efforts.

Questions to help you be more strategic when incorporating Article Marketing into your non profit online fund raising include:

  • Will you be promoting the business, the website or yourself? Tailor your articles to focus on the one you’re trying to promote.
  • Are you a good enough writer? People won’t read your articles if they aren’t interesting and well crafted.
  • What are you going to write about? Don’t go down any other path, no matter how tempting it is to overcome writer’s block by writing about what’s on your mind on a particular day. Remember that your goal is to appeal to a niche and secure relevant links to your site.
  • Where will you send your articles? Find as many relevant article directories as possible, and make sure they have good traffic. Don’t duplicate the articles on your own site because content sites won’t want to use content that is used in too many places. It could also hurt your own site’s search engine rankings.
  • How much are you going to write? As long as you keep having good ideas for articles in a specific niche want to read, keep writing. When you run dry, don’t write. It will hurt the quality of the content along with your overall Article Marketing strategy. In terms of article length, keep to the 500 to 800 word range.

As experts in Search Engine Marketing, Pathmaker Marketing LLC, wants to help you create as many good paths to your site as possible, and Article Marketing is one of many. Contact us for a free analysis of your Search Engine Marketing efforts.

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