Keyword Marketing Using a Five-part Strategy

I want to share with you a specific strategy that we are using to help our Pathmaker clients in the area of Keyword Marketing. This is a five-part plan for effective internet marketing and prospecting by targeting keywords used in Google searches.

The goal of the plan is to isolate priority keywords that relate to the ministry niches of non profit organizations. This approach can also be used in any commercial business.

Step One is targeting keywords that will give you qualified website traffic that you can convert into marketing assets…namely lists, leads, gifts or sales.  I’ll talk more about Keyword Research in future posts.

Step Two is identifying strategies you can use to gain dominant real estate positions on your priority keywords.  Often this second step is begun by targeting searches around your company name, executive’s name, or ministry brands. These are your priority keywords and you should be looking to establish complete domination of the real estate around these keywords.

I usually break down the keyword results into the following categories:

  1. Your Websites
  2. Positive Reviews (but not your sites)
  3. Neutral Results
  4. Competitor Results
  5. Negative Results

If your ministry, top executive or ministry brands have any search results showing up in category #5, you need to go immediately into reputation management mode, whereby your top objective is to subordinate any negative or adverse search results onto page two, three or four, which most people never read.  These negative results are tarnishing your brand.  Why would someone consider making a gift to your ministry (or buy from your business) after reading a compelling piece of adverse publicity about you in the top 10 listings?

If you don’t have any #5 results about your company, (celebrate over lunch first) then you can proceed into targeting keywords using the five-part strategy below. Your goal is to move competitor listings, and potentially even neutral listings, off of page one top 10 results by replacing them with search results that you control.

The chart below shows how to do keyword marketing using five core methods:

  1. Search Engine Optimization of your website;
  2. Pay-per-click advertising via Google, Yahoo or MSN;
  3. Link building in multiple ways like local listings, volume, deep, and authority links;
  4. Targeting Keywords using our premier blogging service (Not just any blog will do, but our keyword targeting, com-pended blog services will);
  5. Entering the Social Media world strategically and effectively.

An illustration of this approach is vividly demonstrated in the image below.

Keyword Marketing Five-Part Strategy

More insights into how to accomplish this will come in future posts.

In the meantime, if you’d like to talk with Pathmaker about how our Keyword Marketing and Search Engine Optimization Services shown above can help your 501c3, simply call us today for a free consultation (623-322-3334).

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