Include Virtual Tours in Your Internet Marketing Ideas

A virtual tour can be an interesting and valuable addition to your website, and if you do it properly, it can be a valuable part of your internet marketing ideas.

But if you’re thinking of adding a virtual tour to your non profit website design, you’ll need to take a number of issues into account before getting started.

1. What is the goal for your tour?
If your Internet marketing idea is to showcase your business, then you’ll want a lot of photos of your campus – this is a more informational type of tour. But if your Internet marketing idea is to tell the inspiring story of how your ministry, church or business started, you’ll want to have more drama in your tour – and this could add to the bandwidth as you include more sound effects and perhaps video. 

As you begin to compile information for this particular Internet marketing idea, you’ll want to always keep your specific goal in mind and organize that information in the tour so that it will be easy to present and experience. And you’re going to want to focus on what makes your campus, business, product, etc., unique.

Whether you include a virtual tour in your website as an informational or inspirational Internet marketing idea, you’re going to need to provide a real guided tour – not just drop people off and make them find their own way around on their own. This brings up another point, some people will want to be dropped off and explore, meaning you’re going to need a visible map so anyone can find their way around … and include the words “Begin Here” in the map.

2. Who are you trying to reach?
If your non profit is a university primarily for people directly out of high school, this Internet marketing idea should showcase the sorts of things that appeal to younger people. But if you have a combination of younger students plus people coming back for some mid-career training to stay relevant, you may be talking about two different tours. You need to think this through so filming day takes the approach for the generation you’re attempting to reach, and you’ll want your script, and the narrator, to have the voice of the generation you’re trying to reach. Any information you provide is going to need to be relevant and interesting to your specific audience – from their point of view, not yours.

3. What kind of interactivity will your audience most appreciate?
Some people, especially younger people, want to be in control of their browsing experience. They’ll appreciate choices – where can they click to find out more information? Some older people may want the tour to completely load and allow them to sit back and watch with few needs on their part for making choices. Your tour should be more than QuickTime videos with some text. It should be a special production that integrates many different kinds of media – videos, text, maps, photos, etc.; but these should be done in a seamless way so the viewing experience is appropriate for the audience and flow well. And provide choices for people who want to sit back and watch your tour as well as those you want to get dropped off and do a more self-guided tour.

4. What kind of bandwidth will you be working with?
Your IT department will be very unhappy if a virtual tour suddenly goes online that you have not discussed with them because they have a specific amount of bandwidth to work with, and you need to make sure your project is going to be well served without taking from other functions of the server.

Pathmaker Marketing is a professional fundraising company that serves ministries, non profit organizations and a for profit businesses. We offer search engine optimization services, fundraising services, blogging services, business marketing promotion online, and many Internet marketing ideas. Give us a call at 623-322-3334 to see how we can assist you, whether with a virtual tour or any other kind of website design or online fundraising services.

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10 Tips for Successful and Effective Internet Marketing #1-2

In the next series of five blog posts, I want to provide with you 10 Internet Marketing Ideas that will help you be successful online.  Some are practical, some are philosophical, but they are all intended to help you be more successful with your small business marketing strategies. Here are the first two:

  1. DEFINE YOUR OBJECTIVES – As you craft your Banner Ad or Email campaign or other online ad initiative you need to know exactly what you are expecting it to accomplish for you.  There are basically two things that you can hope to achieve from your Internet Marketing endeavor other than exposure — a lead or a sale.  Typically, your product or service will determine which you should expect.  For example, if you are pitching your services as an Architect for Church Building Expansions, you will undoubtedly be pursuing leads, not sales.  The complexity of the sale process and the probable high cost make online sales prohibitive. On the other hand, if you are selling a $79.95 downloadable resource entitled “6 Steps to a Perfect Sermon,” your end objective is most likely a sale.  Once you understand your objective (sale or lead) you can develop better copy and art to achieve your goal, and you can better measure the results of your campaign to get qualified leads or sales.
  2. ADD THE “FREE WATCH” – As much as we may want to purchase something, many of us often need that little extra motivation or incentive to push us over the top and make that decision to purchase that which we are considering.  One of the best ways to accomplish this with your Internet Marketing is to give a free bonus gift.  Mentioned at the end of your offer, this extra incentive often becomes that “little extra” that convinces consumers to act on the offer!  Be creative with your “free watch.” This could be free shipping, 20% off, an extra goodie, bonus products, a discount coupon for a future purchase, etc.

For further internet marketing ideas, or tips for fundraising professionals, visit Pathmaker Marketing, or call Randall Mains direct at 623-322-3334.

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Social Networking Among Best Internet Marketing Ideas

In his groundbreaking book, Socialnomics, author Eric Qualman offers great advice for those seeking Internet marketing ideas.  He provides insightful analysis of the current state of social media, suggesting that there’s a revolution taking place in our world—a revolution that anyone seeking new and fresh Internet Marketing ideas should heed.

Qualman contends that social media are not a fad, but rather a fundamental shift in the way we communicate.  People are now driving much of the economy via user-contributed content they post on social media sites ranging from Facebook and Twitter to YouTube and Wikipedia.  Social media provide companies and ministries with a unique opportunity to “hear” their customers and constituents that has heretofore been unavailable, short of the expenditure of great amounts of money.

Consider these key points that drive home the value of social media as one of the essential Internet marketing ideas in today’s climate and economy:

  • As newspapers and magazines become more costly and less efficient, social media provide low-cost ways to reach more people.
  • Social media reduce expensive advertising campaigns and middle-men.
  • People no longer need to seek the news; the news finds them, via mobile devices and email.
  • People no longer seek information on products—product information finds them, via social media.
  • Information can “go viral” on social media at an exponential rate, making it more effective and quicker than email.
  • Companies and ministries can gain a stronger “touch” on those they seek to reach via social media, and the best will take advantage of this trend to listen and respond wisely.
  • 34% of bloggers post information on products and brands.
  • 78% of consumers trust peer recommendations.

It’s easy to see, from these crucial points, that social media can be used for all kinds of creative and cost-effective approaches and Internet Marketing Ideas.  The professionals at Pathmaker Marketing would love to help you creatively develop a plan to effectively harness the value of the social networking revolution to advance your business or ministry.

Through our search engine marketing strategy we can help raise your search engine rankings.  Our targeted website analysis will enable you to strengthen your branding and our know-how of social networking will help you reach many more potential clients with your distinct message.  Visit us on the web today for your free website analysis and take advantage of Social Networking—among the best Internet marketing ideas out there today.

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Top Ten Church Outreach Ideas for the Internet: Church Blog

Four years ago, I was a wreck.  I was an arrogant, self-involved person who proclaimed that she had no need for God.  I did not see the value of reading the Bible or being in fellowship.  Faith to me was nothing but psychological gibberish masked as religion.  I believed that the only person I should have faith in was me.

Fast-forward to today.  I am changed person.  I have become a person whose basic principles and beliefs are centered on the Bible.  I am an active member of the church who often volunteers to make sure its activities go well.  I sing in the choir, host Bible studies, share the Gospel and invite my family and friends to church.

So, what happened between now and then?  Well, I literally and figuratively searched for God on the internet and was led from one website to another.  Finally, all the information I collected in my head translated into spiritual grace moving in my life.

I believe that I was not the only one searching for God at that time.  I am blessed that my search led me to my salvation.  But, wouldn´t it be a shame if there were someone like me in your area searching for your church but you could not be found?

This is why we are writing this – to make sure that your church is able to use the World Wide Web to upgrade your church outreach on the internet and to help your congregation grow both spiritually, in number and in resources. To that effect, we’ve compiled this list of Top 10 Internet ideas for Church Outreach and Online Marketing.

 1. Launching a Ministry Blog to Expand Your Outreach and Find New Friends is our 1st of 10 Church Outreach Ideas for the Internet.

A blog is an online commentary that can be read by an infinite number of people at any given time. There are many people out there who follow a couple of blogs on subjects that are of their interest.  Chances are you also read the blogs of your family, friends and mentors regularly.

To maintain a ministry blog is a exceptional way to speak and minister to a diverse, often international audience.  By writing down your current spiritual insights, excerpts from your sermons, or devotional thoughts, you can communicate powerful messages that would help your readers grow in their faith.  Additionally, you also get a chance to interact with many people as they share their own reflections or their point of view in your blog´s comments section.

Truly, a church blog is a wonderful way to enlarge your online ministry and get to know the thoughts of people both within and outside your congregation.  That being said, you must remember that there are over 50 million blogs out there.  Your ministry blog will easily get lost in cyberspace if you do not use the proper techniques that guarantee that you reach your target audience. So, how can you leverage your blog to expand your outreach while also establishing new friends?

Unless you have plenty of time to search engine optimize (SEO) your blog, you should avail yourself of a premier blogging service from Pathmaker Marketing.  It has costs associated with it, but it excels in so many ways beyond the free blog options available on the internet. The compended system in a effective internet marketing tool that helps you write keyword-rich blog content in a search-engine friendly manner. This powerful tool allows you to write one blog and then it populates (compends) your content across multiple “keyword” blogs, thereby saving you enormous time and effort.

It also automatically provides search engine optimization services for your blog (and each keyword blog), making them all friendly to Google, Yahoo and Bing.  Plus, you can have as many users as you’d like on your blog system, meaning your staff, associates, youth pastor, deacons, elders can participate too.

The goal of this church outreach tool is to get your blog to display in the Top 10 search results on your target keywords so that people find you online in internet searches. When your blog shows up in a Google display of results, you get reader traffic that can become new ministry friends, new church visitors, etc. As your church blog shows up in Google results, your blog truly becomes an outreach onto the internet, ministering to new people even as it encourages them to become ministry participants or church visitors. For examples, see:

Dr. David Mains´ blog is a 20-Keyword compended blog rich in keywords and spiritual content.

Or examine the Pathmaker Markering blog to see a 50-Keyword compended blog system in action.

You can also Google: Premier Blogging System

For a free demo: Call Pathmaker Marketing at 1-623-322-3334

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Autoflow Your Blog Posts Across the Internet

If you are using a Premier Blogging Service, like this compended marketing tool that I’m promoting here, for your ministry blog or church blog, you can also auto-flow your blog posts across the internet for maximum church outreach and internet business marketing promotion.

Once you’ve got your core blog services established and you are blogging away, consider the following process for leveraging your content across the internet.

  1. Establish a new account with
  2. Establish a new account with
  3. Create a new feed in twitterfeed that pulls content from your source blog and auto-flows that content into your account.
  4. Choose the accounts you want to establish in

For example, blog acounts include: WordPress, Blogger, Xanga, LiveJournal and Vox.
Social accounts include: Twitter, Facebook, Plaxo, Linkedin, Jaiku, Tumblr, etc.

Doing this will populate your blog posts into your free blogging services, and into your social networks, without any need to spend extra time.  You can then begin to implement efficient, effective internet marketing.

You can also just use the account on its own.  This is relatively simple process but it requires you to create a simple message every time you want to flow content out. So it’s mildly more involved but still a superior method than updating all your accounts one by one.
I like to auto-flow my blog posts across the internet, then use for additional messages that are not part of my blogging process.

If you need professional help to get this done for your church outreach or small business, don’t hesitate to call me directly at 623-322-3334 and Pathmaker Marketing will be happy to perform the process on your behalf. 

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