“Sometimes there’s a Reason why We’ve always Done it that way”

"Sometimes there’s a Reason why We've always Done it that way"We live in an era when the watch cry for all of society is “Innovation!” If there is a “new” way of doing something, it is automatically accepted that it must be better – even before it is proven so.  That’s why, sometimes, we need step back and take time to analyze what is being suggested, rather than simply abandoning what has been proven to be “tried and true.”  If we do this, as the title suggests, we might discover that there is a reason why “we’ve always done it that way!”

There was a TV commercial a number of years back where the head of a company is passing out airplane tickets to his staff, presumably his sales staff, so that they can go visit their clients around the country.  He saved one for himself, the one that would take him to see “an old friend,” who had called to cancel his contract because he felt as though the company no longer cared about him or his needs.  The innovation that company had fallen victim to was modernization, computerization, and the loss of personal contact with their customers/clients.  The result was there was a “disconnect,” and the “human aspect” of business was removed.

One of the greatest drawbacks today to “customer service” and, in many instances, just plain “service” is the fact that so many MBA holders have been taught to pursue one goal and one goal only – – the bottom line!  This may not only destroy the relationship between companies, it can destroy relationships within a company.  Now, it is possible that your business is large enough that you can zero in on “the bottom line” and not worry about the relationships that have made your business a success, both internal and external.  However, if you built your business “on your word,” given both to clients and employees, then you not only know, but also thoroughly understand, that “sometimes there is a reason why ‘we’ve always done it that way!’

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