Integrating Direct Mail with Email Fundraising

Many non profit organizations do quarterly or monthly direct mail appeals, but did you know you can—change that to should—convert these valuable efforts into email fundraising?

Pathmaker Marketing LLC has worked with several non profit clients with highly developed monthly direct mail efforts. We’ve helped them develop and implement strategies email strategies (from snail mail) that have boosted their email income by $100,000-$150,000 per year. Here are five basics you’ll want to keep in mind when converting your direct mail to email fundraising.

  1. Direct mail appeal letters are too long to be sent “as is” in an email. You’ll want to split the direct mail letter into several parts, including email, landing page, and any additional pages necessary to deliver special offers.
  2. Subject lines are extremely important in email fundraising. It’s similar to the teaser on the envelope of your direct mail in terms of enticing people to open the email. Give them a lot of thought, and make them action- and benefit-oriented.
  3. The purpose of the email is to get people to click. Keep the email short and to the point (5-7 short paragraphs in length). Offer several opportunities for readers to click to a landing page or a donation form. Use the landing page to further explain the offer, the benefits of responding, the premium, etc.
  4. Omit site navigation from landing pages. Your purpose is to get people to respond tothis offer. Response will go down if you give them the opportunity to browse the rest of the site. Also, you’ll want to manage where they go so you can track donations from each fundraising email. Landing pages should make it clear what you want people to do and how to do it. Make sure your donation form works properly and all links to it function the way they should.
  5. Test and resend. Split test more than one subject line on each fundraising email. You’ll want to do multiple sends before calling it a wrap. Pathmaker can help you develop and implement this important email fundraising strategy.
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