No One Has Ever Accomplished Anything by Waiting for Someone Else To Do It

No One Has Ever Accomplished Anything by Waiting for Someone Else To Do ItThere are a lot of lazy people out there. You can find them in every office, every organization, every manufacturing plant, and in many homes. You do realize, don’t you, that lazy people go home at the end of the day? And, when they get home, they are still lazy.

The problem with lazy people is not that they never do anything. It is that they never accomplish anything. In fact, lazy people will often do just about anything to avoid being productive. Lazy people are a liability to any organization, but, oddly, they are rarely dealt with when it comes to increasing productivity. The rule of thumb practiced by most businesses, consciously or unconsciously, is to give additional workloads to the people who are already productive. While this works in the short term, it is a tactic often results in the burnout of the best employees.

Meanwhile, the lazy people do just enough to make it appear that they are doing something, and they keep right on drifting from one day to another.

Have you taken a look at your organization lately? Sure, you know who the star players are, but have you taken the time to consider who the lazy people are? Here are a few ways to identify them.

  1. Their desks are usually neat. They believe that, if they appear to be neat, that makes them appear to be productive.
  2. They smoke. I can just hear the reactions to that statement and I haven’t even finished writing the next sentence! Every company I have worked for has had some kind of allotted break time for all employees. However, smokers have always seemed to manage an additional four to six breaks per day. I don’t really care what your view is on smoking, but I am smart enough to understand that taking a smoke break is not being productive.
  3. They are always trying to impress people with the amount of work they are doing. One fellow I worked with had a pile of notebooks and folders on his desk. He picked them up and carried them everywhere he went. The pile always contained the same notebooks and folders. By his own private admission, he did it so that people would think he was busier than he really was. He was probably the laziest person I have ever met.
  4. They whine about every extra thing they are asked to do and every extra amount of time they are asked to work.
  5. They spend a lot of time talking about sports, the latest from Dr. Phil, or last night’s reality TV shows (which gives you some insight into how productive they were at home last night).
  6. They never offer any creative thoughts. By the way, saying that management doesn’t communicate enough is not a creative thought. Everyone who is not management says that.
  7. They always seem to know the latest rumors, although they would prefer to call it “knowing what is going to happen before it happens.”
  8. Remember that birds of a feather thing. If you find one, you’ll eventually find another.
  9. They like to work on “projects” that have nothing to do with the company’s mission. I knew one goldbricker who spent most of his time in his cubicle building homemade model airplanes from company parts. He scavenged the mini electric motors and impellers from the automatic restroom deodorizers to add functional “blades” to his creations.
  10. They arrive late and leave early.
  11. They avoid learning anything new. The catch here is that technology is moving so quickly that, in order to be efficient, a person has to keep learning. Twenty years ago, I introduced individual PCs to an entire department. One fellow, who had a fistful of sharpened pencils bound with a rubber band, refused to use his “new toy.” He doesn’t work there anymore.
  12. They don’t produce. They politic.
  13. They hitch their wagons to a star, in hopes that the star, once promoted, will be their benefactor. That’s how lazy people get promoted.
  14. They call productive people “workaholics.”
  15. They mosey.
  16. You have to close your left eye and point your finger at them to see if they are moving.
  17. They never accomplish anything.

Sometimes you have got to look for these people with earnest, because many of them are very good at what they do, which is nothing.

No one every accomplished anything by waiting for someone else do it. Why would you want that kind of person in your company?

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