Are You Employing Web 2.0 Features Into Your Online Fundraising?

Your first question might be, “What the dickens in Web 2.0?” At least that was my first question. Quite simply, the term refers to a way of using the Internet to “build community.” Building community is the process of causing people to feel a sense of ownership in what you do … because they are part of it. The process hopefully will build your email list, increase traffic to your site and convert visitors into engaged participants. This could provide a boost to your online fundraising. Here are some techniques to consider.

Allow visitors to add content to your site. For example, Pathmaker Marketing LLC worked with Gregory Dickow Ministries (and others) to install a couple of Prayer Walls on their website. People can come to the Prayer Wall to submit their prayer requests or praise reports for others to read. They also can read the requests and praises of others and pray for those people as they feel led. The Prayer Wall has become a meeting place for like-minded people to be a part of the ministry along with each other’s lives. 

Integrate social networking into your online mix. For example, you could design a Facebook page to integrate with your site. You can quickly build up your list of friends, which will give you a growing list of potential participants in your cause. Professional networking includes such sites as Linkedin and other sites that appeal to a specific niche (such as authors). Twitter is a social networking site that simply allows you to post updates on what you’re up to in order to keep in touch. Use several of these services to build your participant list and manage your search engine listings.

Start blogging. We’ve worked with clients to install a blogging tool on their websites that is search engine optimized. You create one blog entry of just a few paragraphs that contains the right keywords (that you defined), and the content automatically is posted to the other blogs with those keywords. You’re using what you have in your head to create more than one blog with the effort of only one blog. Blogging is another tool that can boost your ranking in search engines to bring more people to your site for you to convert into assets for your non-profit.

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