Without a Vision the People Perish

Without a Vision the People Perish - Pathmaker Blog“Where there is no vision, the people perish” – Proverbs 29:18

There are very few people who would argue with you if you proclaimed, “Solomon is, without a doubt, the wisest man to ever live.” That’s why we should take heed of his words of wisdom, including what he has to say about having a vision.

Many of us in the business realm know that we need a vision if, in fact, we want our businesses to succeed. The thing is, much fewer realize that having a vision is not enough. Rather, we must share that vision with those who work at each and every level of our business. To allow our employees and/or co-workers to enjoy success, real success, they need to be able to spend each day knowing that they have taken at least a small step in making that vision a reality!

You see the reality is that motivation, true motivation, is not achieved simply by increasing the size of one’s paycheck. There has to be an avenue for people to experience a sense of accomplishment. That’s why, in the manufacturing world, while very productive the assembly line creates burnout at an alarming rate.

A good example of this can be made by comparing two summer jobs I had when in College. While at International Paper Company (IP) my job was to feed wood into a grinder, which converted it to pulp, which was then made into paper. On the other job I worked for Saratoga County mowing along side the road. At IP I had a foreseeable end to a project, eventually the truck I was working on would be empty. Even though another truck was immediately wheeled in, at least I saw an end to my efforts. On the County, however, it was the same thing all day, every day – – there was never an end in sight!

So, the key is to share the vision with others, and then divide it into accomplishable tasks that allows for a sense of accomplishment. For, with just a little paraphrasing we can say, “Without a vision the business perishes.”

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