Keep Rowing

Keep Rowing“Business is like a man rowing a boat upstream. He has no choice; he must go ahead or he will go back.”

~ Lewis E. Pierson

Not only is that statement true about business, it is also true about life. Anyone who does not accept that as fact, has to believe that there is some kind of alternative. The only real alternative is to “go with the flow” and drift along wherever the current takes you.

Any Dream about Floating through Life Will Turn Out to be a Nightmare

I have spent a lifetime watching people attempt to drift through life and through work, expending the least possible amount of effort necessary to put food on the table or to keep a job. I am amazed at how successful some of them have appeared to be along the way. By “successful” I mean achieving their daily goal of just getting by. Most of them, however, end up finding that life is a lot like the Niagara River. Doing just enough to get by, ends up putting them in a desperate situation of rigorous rowing to prevent passing over the precipice and crashing to the rocks below.

People who venture out into that river in real life end up paddling much harder than they would have had they done much further upstream. Without help, they soon discover that all the rowing and paddling in the world will not help them once they are past a certain point. To compound matters, that certain point is usually a lot further upstream than they had reckoned.

Understand that the Goal is always Upstream

Not every business that fails does so because the owner did not accept the concept of hard work. Not everyone on welfare is there because of a lack of desire to work. Sadly, however, though not all, there are many who are where they are simply because “life is too hard” or they didn’t like their job. I know some of them, so you probably do too.

Objectives are always reached by applied effort. It is a rare thing in life when the flow takes you where you really want to go. If that were the case, paddle wheelers wouldn’t have paddles and Fulton’s folly would have been that there was no need to use steam to power a boat.

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