By Altering Our Attitude We Can Alter Our Lives

By Altering Our Attitude We Can Alter Our LivesWhen Norman Vincent Peale wrote “The Power of Positive Thinking” he understood that if you think positive your life will be positive.  This, in essence, is the same theory that Zig Zigler adhered to when he said, “By altering our attitude we can alter our lives.” Both of these gentlemen understand that perception is ninety percent of reality, and their sentiments reflect an excellent point that we all should consider in our businesses and in our careers.

To lay the groundwork for you to change your attitude, the immediate question becomes, “what is your attitude about your business and/or career?”  If you are not greeting each day with a positive, “can do” attitude you undoubtedly are not enjoying the optimum amount of success that you could – – and should!  The next question becomes, “how can I change my attitude?”

Peale, who is responsible for an uber amount of high impact quotes, also said, “what the mind can conceive and the heart desire you can achieve!”  And that may be where your change of attitude needs to take place – you may need to realize that your life does not need to control you, but that you can control your life!

There are an almost incomprehensible number of people who are so mired in their careers that the joy has left their lives.  Whether they like their careers/jobs or not is only part of the issue – – if all you do is pursue business success you will discover at some point in time there is more to life than work.  And, the sooner you get that outlook on life the better off you will be.

Do you even know what your attitude towards life is?  Actually, there are several areas where you need to conduct an introspection and determine what your attitude towards each is.  These, include, but are not limited to:

  • God
  • Family
  • Friends
  • Business/Career
  • Those in Authority
  • Money
  • Free Time
  • Self-Satisfaction

Even if we had the time and space for me to elaborate on each of these it would probably do you little good, as the end result would be that you would only know my attitude towards these issues.  To help you understand what areas you need a change of attitude in, complete in the following chart for yourself (it’s OK to have someone you trust assist you!):

Your Current Attitude
Satisfied? (Yes or No)
Ways You can Change 
This Attitude




Business/ Career

Those in Authority


Free Time


Knowing that changing your attitudes, and thus your life, is probably not going to be an easy endeavor,  just remember that nothing worthwhile is easy!

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