“You’re a mess, but that’s OK!”

You're a mess, but that's OK - Pathmaker Blog

In his book published in 1969, I’m Ok - You’re Ok, Dr. Thomas Harris did his take on Dr. Eric Berne’s idea of Transactional Analysis (TA). Harris developed four quadrants to : I’m Ok - You’re Ok I’m Ok - You’re not Ok You’re Ok - I’m not … [Continue reading]

Four Documents Every Business Needs

Four Documents Every Business Needs - Pathmaker Blog

After a career that included working with companies of all sizes from start-ups to industry icons, I have learned that there are four vital documents that every business needs. The problem is that far too many do not have them. The bigger issue is … [Continue reading]

Sacrificing the Permanent on the Altar of the Immediate

Sacrificing the Permanent on the Altar of the Immediate - Pathmaker Blog

Life is about choices – the decisions that we must make in response to circumstances and people around us. One of our major problems is our failure to think about our choices with a long-term perspective. This often causes unintended consequences … [Continue reading]

What Were They Thinking?

What Were They Thinking - Pathmaker Blog

On April 24, 2014, two men in Kenya were taking selfies with a wild elephant when they were trampled to death by the irate pachyderm who proceeded to bury their bodies with brush. What in the world were they thinking? Just in case you may think that … [Continue reading]


Indecisiveness - Pathmaker Blog

“I thought I was indecisive, now I’m not so sure.” There is no doubt about it, our society, both in the public and private sector, needs to have someone who can make a decision. We live in a world of wishy-washiness, where so much time is spent … [Continue reading]

It ain’t the Size of the Dog in the Fight…

It ain't the Size of the Dog in the Fight - Pathmaker Blog

“It ain't the size of the dog in the fight, it’s the size of the fight in the dog.” It is sad to listen to so many of the youth, and entrepreneurs, of today, who basically claim that they can’t compete in today’s economy or marketplace because they … [Continue reading]

Rat Race

Rat Race - Pathmaker Blog

“The winner of the rat race is still a rat!” There is no doubt about it, life is passing us by at breakneck speed and everyone is trying to get ahead of everyone else on a daily basis. To describe this phenomenon we came up with the phrase “rat … [Continue reading]

Search Engine Marketing – PHASE I – RESEARCH

Search Engine Marketing - PHASE I - RESEARCH - Pathmaker Blog

PATHMAKER MARKETING AND SEARCH ENGINE MARKETING It's hard to believe. Established in 1960, the Internet has been around for over half a century! And there are two things that have always been associated with the Internet: Emailing and Searching. The … [Continue reading]

Is “Good” Good Enough?

Is “Good” Good Enough?

“Wherever you go, go with all your heart.” ~ Confucius “The most beautiful things in the world cannot be seen or even touched. They must be felt with the heart.” ~ Helen Keller I’m not going to build a case in this post. I’m going to answer the … [Continue reading]

Life is like Football

Life is like Football

“Life is like a football game - you need to make a few first downs before you score your touchdown!” I have noticed in my lifetime that football has replaced baseball as America’s favorite spectator sport. And, since the 1930's, when two of Notre … [Continue reading]

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