How To Use HTML Meta Tags in Non Profit Website Design

I couldn't believe my ears the other day when someone said, “Why bother with Meta tags? No one even uses them anymore.”Back up the truck! Sure, Meta tags don’t pull search engine results the way they used to … thanks to lots of people who pushed Meta … [Continue reading]

Online PR Can Expand Your Website and Email Fundraising Reach

When budgets get tight, often the first thing to go is efforts to secure publicity. That’s because publicity is a long-term strategy that builds awareness, trust , and brand recognition rather than securing short-term income. It’s a mistake to … [Continue reading]

Best Practices for Landing Page Optimization


I recently came back from the Marketing SHERPA conference in Miami, Florida. I would recommend the conference to anyone who wants to train in email fundraising, non profit marketing, landing page optimization, etc.  It's full of actionable data and … [Continue reading]

Are You Employing Web 2.0 Features Into Your Online Fundraising?

Your first question might be, “What the dickens in Web 2.0?” At least that was my first question. Quite simply, the term refers to a way of using the Internet to “build community.” Building community is the process of causing people to feel a sense … [Continue reading]

Websites that Illustrate Good Traffic Conversion Practices

Good traffic conversion and online fund raising systemsThe websites I've highlighted below are strategically designed to convert website traffic into the collection of strategic marketing assets: email addresses, first names, mailing addresses, … [Continue reading]

Writing Techniques for Non-Profit Email Fundraising

Good non-profit fundraising emails have five characteristics. They are personal. Speak directly to the audience using “you” statements instead of the less personal “we” or, even worse, “one.” You are more likely to engage your readers if they … [Continue reading]

Email Landing Pages That Convert Visitors to Assets for Non Profits

In a previous blog, I emphasized the importance of non profits designing fundraising emails that link to dedicated landing pages on your website. Here are 5 tips for designing and writing landing pages that convert visitors to assets to your … [Continue reading]

Non Profit Email Design That Works

Here are 5 tips for writing and designing fundraising emails for maximum results for non profit organizations. No matter how altruistic and selfless they are, the reader wants to know what's in it for them. People give to your non profit because … [Continue reading]

Are you monetizing your email lists?

Randall Mains

Of all the eMarketing channels you can leverage to develop online fundraising sources for your not-for-profit organization, email fundraising has proven to be one of the best.  You can monetize your email list.  A good qualified internal email list … [Continue reading]

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