“You’re a mess, but that’s OK!”

You're a mess, but that's OK - Pathmaker BlogIn his book published in 1969, I’m Ok – You’re Ok, Dr. Thomas Harris did his take on Dr. Eric Berne’s idea of Transactional Analysis (TA). Harris developed four quadrants to :

  • I’m Ok – You’re Ok
  • I’m Ok – You’re not Ok
  • You’re Ok – I’m not OK
  • You’re not Ok – I’m not Ok

Basically, each one of these explains a state of existence that we all find ourselves in. We may fluctuate from one to another, or simply spend our entire lives in one of the quadrants.  Let me briefly explain each.

You’re not Okay – I’m not OK

An individual who feels this way is, without a doubt, the unhappiest of all individuals. They are not satisfied with anything anyone else does, nor are they satisfied with anything they do, either.

You’re Ok – I’m not OK

Here, an individual is content to accept that you know what you are doing and seem to be happy in life, but they, of course, are not.

I’m Ok – You’re not Ok

This, of course, is just the opposite of the prior one. Though self-confident and self-content, the individual here figures you,  no matter who you are, definitely need help.

I’m Ok – You’re Ok

This, of course, is the quadrant we all should strive to be in. Those dwelling in this quadrant know they have things under control and, as far as they are concerned, everyone else does to!

Our “Bumper Sticker Wisdom” for the day, “You’re a mess, but that’s ok” is somewhat of a hybrid version of TA. What it really amounts to, however, is that we need to accept people the way they are and let them know that we accept them as such!  If each and every one of us would do this, we all could go through life knowing that we are, in fact, accepted!

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