Wisdom: Skydiving and Parachutes

Wisdom - Skydiving and Parachutes - Pathmaker Blog“You don’t need a parachute to skydive. You only need a parachute to skydive TWICE!

When Frank Sinatra sang My Way, he became the vocal hero of every individual who considers themselves their own man. And, being a little independent myself, I understand the sentiment Ol’ Blue Eyes was conveying. In fact, there are a number of times that I have actually proceeded in that manner, and been somewhat successful along the way. However, as the quote above indicates, there are times when you have to do it the same way everyone else does, or you may not be around to do it again!

It is obvious to virtually everyone that if you are going to skydive you need a parachute, so no one would intentionally attempt skydiving without one – that would be pure suicide! Now, let’s take that thought into the realm of business! With things like the Lottery and Publishing Clearing House Sweepstakes we live in a world where the Great American Dream centers around the idea than we can get rich quick. As a result, we often determine that there must be shortcuts in the business world, ones that will allow us to succeed without having to pay our dues. The reality is that’s not reality! The key to success in the business world is to work hard and follow all of the basic rules for the business you are in. As ever, the name of the game in sales is numbers – the more people you talk to the greater your chance of a sale.  It’s like the old adage says, “The harder I work the luckier I get!”

If you want to “live to fight another day” in the business world you have to make sure that you are following the prescribed rules, sort of like having a parachute to skydive. Now, you can develop a new, better parachute or a smaller, more economical plane – that, after all, is the basis of innovation! That’s how businesses survive and thrive, by employing a variation on a theme – not by skydiving without a parachute!

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