Wisdom: Of all the Things I’ve lost I miss my Mind the most

Wisdom Of all the Things I’ve lost I miss my Mind the most - Pathmaker Blog“Of all the things I’ve lost, I miss my mind the most.”

As I got older I expected not to be as sharp as I once was. However, while my rememberer isn’t what it used to be, I take great solace in the fact that individuals much younger than me are having the same problem! It seems that I am not alone when I utter the phrase, “Of all the things I’ve lost I miss my mind the most!”

I got to wondering about this the other day, and jotted down a short list of reasons why people feel as though they have lost their mind. And, I came up with some pretty interesting stuff – which I will take the time to share with you here.

We Live with Technology Overload

I do not have a smart phone – mostly because I refuse to spend my time trying to learn how to keep up with it! Friends I know who do have smart phones advise me that they just about figure out how to use it when it will automatically download updates and they have to start the learning process all over again! With some of them, they seem to lose their minds at least once every three months because of this!

We Live with Information Overload

Even our lexicon is growing with leaps and bounds! For example, did you know that conversate is now a word? I’m not even going to get into everything you need to know to text with someone. For example, I got a message from a casual female acquaintance, and she signed off with LOL. I told my wife that was somewhat presumptuous of her, and when asked why I explained that I didn’t think she was in a position to sign off with Lots of Love, at which point my wife was able to LOL as she explained to me what it really meant! Like others, I seem to be losing my mind when all I want to do is communicate with others.

We Live with God Health Overload

I have always been told that coffee is bad for you because of all the caffeine. I just read, however, that it is good for you because of, that’s right, the caffeine. Nuts are good for you because they provide protein – Nuts are bad for you because they have too much fat. Fruit is good for you because of the vitamins they contain – Fruit is bad for you because they contain too much sugar. No wonder we all are losing our minds!

If you have been paying attention you will note that the common element here is “overload.” That’s why, if you want to minimize losing your mind, you may want to implement the old KISS principle whenever and wherever possible – Keep It Simple Sweetie. The simple lifestyle is something we all long for, but so few of us actually strive for! So, next time you are missing your mind and are regretting that you lost it, just KISS and you will undoubtedly feel a lot better about life and about yourself.

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