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Management Potential - Pathmaker Blog“To err is human, to blame it on someone else shows management potential!”

Placing blame certainly does seem to have become the new national pastime. No one, or so it seems, wants to accept the responsibility for their actions and no one, so it seems, is willing to do the necessary research to hold the right people accountable! Rather, we find many a scapegoat being led down the primrose path where they are offered up as sacrificial lambs!

As bad as that may seem, and it does seem bad, if we accept the sentiment found in our statement today we find that the ability to pass on the blame is something that is both lauded and rewarded. How sad that is! The key here, and there is a key, is the fact that we need to hold everyone accountable for their actions, and not allow them to pass off their shortcomings on others. How wonderful it would be if the world, both corporate and otherwise, would be as willing to stand up and take the blame as they are to take the credit!

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