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There is no doubt about it, our society, both in the public and private sector, needs to have someone who can make a decision. We live in a world of wishy-washiness, where so much time is spent avoiding the need to make a decision that those decisions never seem to get made. You want to know the reason this is true? Because more and more people are Unable to make the same decree that Harry Truman did – The Buck Stops Here!

I think the thing that may be the most devastating about this is the fact that those who are willing to make decisions and stand by them are known as leaders. And friends, we are dangerously short on real leaders in this country! In business this is not only especially true, but especially sad as well. The sadness is because so many of US fear retribution should our decisions fail. As a result, no one takes the risk of being a decision maker. The real question is, how can we overcome this problem?

The secret here is this: If you have created an environment where people are afraid to make decisions and/or take chances, you are thwarting the very essence of creativity at your place of work. Risk is always an important part of ultimate success, and if you have nurtured fear to the point that no one dares to make a decision and stand by it, then you have already doomed your business to eventual failure!

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  1. lgutheil says:

    The value of a decision is not based on the speed with which it is made. Rather, its value is in the appropriateness and the timeliness of making and applying the decision. If the decision is based on a lack of information, the results can be extremely dangerous. If applied too early or too late, the results can be just as bad. Good decision making is not about making a rapid choice. It is about making a wise choice.

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