I finally got it all together but now I can’t remember where I put it

“I finally got it all together but now I can’t remember where I put it”If I had a dollar for every good idea I have ever had I would be at least a hundredaire!  Seriously – I do have a lot of good ideas, what I don’t have is either the time or the finances to get them implemented into moneymaking endeavors.  And, as I am closer to my 100th birthday than my first one, I can only wonder, “what is going to happen to all of those good ideas?”

That thought led me to another – – what did I do with all of those great ideas that I know I wrote down and put somewhere? Which, of course, leads us to the truth of our BUMPER STICKER quote – – sometimes, even when we get it all together, we can’t remember where we put it! Now, contemplating all of that led me to yet another thought – – everyone should keep a “special” Journal where all we record is our great ideas.  That way, they would be saved for posterity and, perhaps, be part of the legacy we can pass on to future generations and they might be able to turn those ideas into a Family Fortune!  Every once in a while I stumble across one or two of these ideas and think, “Man, I know that will still work . . .”  But, human that I am, I just put them back in the file where I found them and, within a week, not only do I no longer know where they are, I don’t even remember what they are!

All of this reminds me of a story I read one time about someone who was taking a tour at one of the early FORD plants.  As they went through the offices a door was opened and there sat a man with his feet up, a pen and pad on the desk before him, but apparently not doing anything.  Intrigued, those taking the tour asked who he was and why he wasn’t working.  The reply was, “Oh, he is working, he’s Mr. Ford’s designated thinker.”  Now that, I believe, would be the perfect career for me!!!!  Armed with pen and pad, once I got it all together, I would never have to worry about where I put it!

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