Good Non Profit Website Design Principle #3 of 5 (Part 2)

Here are more tips for achieving Principle #3: Develop an attractive appearance so you overcome the “not much to look at” criticism.

Practical Tip #6: Plan for growth and avoid complexity.
If your homepage is overdesigned, you won’t have any place to put important updates – and you should update your homepage regularly if you want people coming back. So, don’t get boxed into a restrictive non profit design or develop endlessly complex sub-pages.

Practical Tip #7: Begin with a clean, professional non profit website design for your home page and develop three to four similar sub-page variations that flow from it. Usually a relatively small amount of investment in this area can give you an enormous lift in appearance and professionalism.

Practical Tip #8: Stay relevant.
Make sure your text and images work together to tell your story succinctly and provide relevance to your reader. Have a reason for all images, and make sure they communicate your message whether they’re viewed with or without the text. Likewise, make sure the text tells the same story as the images. You need both to be in harmony with one another to convey your most central messages.

Now let’s look at some contrasting examples of good non profit website design versus poor design. I did a recent Google search on 5-9-09 for “homeless charities in New York” and here’s a sampling of what I found by browsing the results.

Some of the better Non Profit Website Design Examples:
The Hope Program
Eva’s Village (simple but colorful)
My Friend’s Place (simple, above the fold, pictures say it’s about youth)
Robin Hood (clean, colorful, nice flash)
Coalition for the Homeless

Non Profit Website Design Examples Needing Some Help:
Dackk’s Group (looks homespun)
Common Ground (needs an upgrade)

Another Google search on 5-9-09 for “churches in Dallas” produced the following results.

Good Non Profit Website Design Examples:
Watermark Community Church
Dallas Bible Church
DFW Church

Non Profit Design Examples Needing Some Help:
St. Nicholas Russian Orthodox Church
Lake Dallas Church of Christ
Church of God 

Lastly, here’s a online reference for 25 non profit website design tips for churches:

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