Good Non Profit Website Design Principle #1 of 5

As promised in my last post, I’ll be giving you a series of five principles that will help you avoid major non profit website design headaches. Without further ado, let’s get started.

Principle #1: Clarify your objectives to avoid conflicting voices.

If you don’t know what you’d like your website to accomplish, it may end up with conflicting messages and voices. These conflicting voices can lead to standstill, gridlock, and internal strife as your ministry strives to fulfill its mission. Webmasters are often pulled in numerous directions for no apparent reason on unreasonable timetables. Clarifying your objectives will eliminate these headaches and enable your team to form a crystal-clear perspective on why you want to have a web site. In order to accomplish Principle #1, you need to be able to answer the question…

What is the Primary Objective of Your Website?

It’s entirely possible that you may have multiple objectives. If that’s the case, rank them in order of priority so that you understand which ones are the most important to achieve.

Practical Tip #1: If you have more than one website objective, reduce your list to your top two to three goals and prioritize them. Focus on accomplishing your top priorities first, then progress to other subordinate objectives.

Practical Tip #2: Record your website objectives on paper so that if there are any changes in your website personnel, your new staffers will know the original thinking behind your site.

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