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If you are using a Premier Blogging Service, like this compended marketing tool that I’m promoting here, for your ministry blog or church blog, you can also auto-flow your blog posts across the internet for maximum church outreach and internet business marketing promotion.

Once you’ve got your core blog services established and you are blogging away, consider the following process for leveraging your content across the internet.

  1. Establish a new account with
  2. Establish a new account with
  3. Create a new feed in twitterfeed that pulls content from your source blog and auto-flows that content into your account.
  4. Choose the accounts you want to establish in

For example, blog acounts include: WordPress, Blogger, Xanga, LiveJournal and Vox.
Social accounts include: Twitter, Facebook, Plaxo, Linkedin, Jaiku, Tumblr, etc.

Doing this will populate your blog posts into your free blogging services, and into your social networks, without any need to spend extra time.  You can then begin to implement efficient, effective internet marketing.

You can also just use the account on its own.  This is relatively simple process but it requires you to create a simple message every time you want to flow content out. So it’s mildly more involved but still a superior method than updating all your accounts one by one.
I like to auto-flow my blog posts across the internet, then use for additional messages that are not part of my blogging process.

If you need professional help to get this done for your church outreach or small business, don’t hesitate to call me directly at 623-322-3334 and Pathmaker Marketing will be happy to perform the process on your behalf. 

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