23 Best Practice Tips for Successful Email Fundraising #6-8

6.    Give your readers multiple paths to the action you want them to take.
Some experts say the typical email should have nearly 20 ways to click through to your landing pages.  I’d shoot for having at least 5-10 for starters. Start by providing at least three ways where people can click to your donate page, and make these online fund raising links (text or graphics) benefit and action oriented (e.g., Click Here to Help Save Lives, Read More Now , Get More Details >>, Go Here to Help).

7.   Develop Dedicated Landing Pages.  
Sometimes I like to think of it this way: If you are trying to get the attention of a kid in a candy shop, most likely you will fail because they are distracted by all the goodies that surround them. Likewise, don’t send email fundraising out that takes people back to your homepage, whereby they can give easily distracted from your primary purpose, which is to get the gift.  Take them instead to a dedicated landing page that includes few, if any, links to the rest of your website – you lose people when you let them browse too much, rabbit-trailing all over the place.  Some folks like to think of building a greased chute that’s keep your online fund raising path speeding people to one destination.

8.   Improve response with well-chosen premiums.
If there is a premium, your email fundraising should clearly describe the value of the item and how the reader can get that premium. If their gift of $50 will get them a book, what will they learn from this book?  What often motivates people is what they will learn, discover, experience, etc. No matter how altruistic and selfless they are, your reader wants to know what’s in it for them. People generally give to your non profit because they want to make a difference, and you need to specifically tell them – in words that address them directly – the difference they’re making. You also need to succinctly assure them that you will use their funds appropriately and efficiently.  Having said that, a well-chosen premium is like a bonus on your offer. It doesn’t hurt to sweeten the deal with something that looks appealing.

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