23 Best Practice Tips for Successful Email Fundraising #20-23

20.  Call to Action Buttons, especially in emails, should be graphics rather than text.
Since buttons include text like “Click Here,” and those words could get your email flagged as spam, it’s best to put action words into graphics. Make your call to action buttons nice, easy-to-read graphics.

21.   Include CAN-SPAM requirements in your email fundraising.
CAN-SPAM requires: 1) a company name and physical mailing address at the bottom of your email 2) a permanent unsubscribe option (variations abound here, but we like to use “Update your Email Preferences” rather than “Unsubscribe.” Make sure this link takes people into a two-step process, whereby first they go to a landing page to update their email fundraising preferences. On that page they can permanently unsubscribe. If you go to a one-step process many people may click the unsubscribe option unaware that this will forever remove them from future email from you.

22.  Lighten up the border around your emails.
Borders around emails looks really nice. The only problem with them is that there is often important words put in the area outside the email, where your border will be. If you use a dark background, the text won’t be legible. You might be thinking that you could just use a lighter font. Not so fast! Not all email clients include the border. If you use light text, but the email client strips the border out, then your reader still won’t be able to see the required text. In other words, if you use borders see how they impact your CAN-SPAM copy, preview copy, and so forth, before you get too enamored with how it looks.

23.   Use Absolute links in all your email fundraising efforts.
Absolute work in every environment, whereas relative links will only work in the environment where you originate them. Save yourself unanticipated hassles, and ensure your email fundraising efforts can be seen in any environment by using absolute links.

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