23 Best Practice Tips for Successful Email Fundraising #12-15

12.  Design harmonious headers and optimize your graphics.
Design attractive email fundraising headers and footers that are harmonious to your landing pages and web optimized. These are much more professional looking than plain text emails. But if the file sizes of your graphics are too large, your emails and landing pages will load too slowly, and you’ll lose people, so optimize your graphics.  Create harmony between your email graphics and your landing page graphics so there’s no confusion when click throughs begin to occur.

13.  Use fonts that are proven as easy to read.
Headlines and body copy are extremely important. Since you have a limited amount of time to capture your reader’s attention and move them to action, you don’t want to waste time making things hard for them to read. Only the first letter in each headline word should be capitalized (not all caps). Copy headlines should be designed in Times New Roman or Arial font because they are universally, the easiest to read. Body text should also be at least 12 point type and in Arial, which is the easiest to read, or Times Roman, which is next easiest.

14.  Create an eye path that leads you to a destination.
Use bold text, photos and graphics to break up the page into smaller, easy to read chunks that move people to read all the way to the bottom. It’s often the case that an “F” pattern is used to help envision a page layout:  the best real estate for email fundraising is upper left running across the page (hero shots and headlines, for example) and the worst real estate position is lower right.  Buttons should be action oriented (e.g., Click Here), and the text on them should be large enough for middle-age eyes (at least 12 point).

15.  Stay away from reverse text in your email fundraising.
Studies show that reverse text (white on a dark background) is much harder to read. You should avoid it if at all possible in body copy, on graphics, etc. Your online fund raising efforts are likely to suffer if you insist on using it.

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