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Management Potential

Management Potential - Pathmaker Blog“To err is human, to blame it on someone else shows management potential!”

Placing blame certainly does seem to have become the new national pastime. No one, or so it seems, wants to accept the responsibility for their actions and no one, so it seems, is willing to do the necessary research to hold the right people accountable! Rather, we find many a scapegoat being led down the primrose path where they are offered up as sacrificial lambs!

As bad as that may seem, and it does seem bad, if we accept the sentiment found in our statement today we find that the ability to pass on the blame is something that is both lauded and rewarded. How sad that is! The key here, and there is a key, is the fact that we need to hold everyone accountable for their actions, and not allow them to pass off their shortcomings on others. How wonderful it would be if the world, both corporate and otherwise, would be as willing to stand up and take the blame as they are to take the credit!

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Pursue Passion not Money

Pursue Passion not Money - Pathmaker Blog“Stop chasing the money and start chasing the passion.” – Tony Hsieh

It has often been said that those who use money as the yardstick by which they measure their happiness and success will never be happy and/or successful as they never are able to accumulate enough – they always want more! That, of course, is the sentiment being reflected here. If we spend our lives chasing the money we will find ourselves on a never-ending treadmill. With that in mind, the operative question becomes, “What are you passionate about?”

Most of us have many passions in our lives. We are passionate about our families; our jobs; our faith. We are passionate about our education; our favorite sports team; our health. In regard to our business/profession, our thought for today advises us that when we chase that passion we will find happiness; we will find fulfillment; we will find success. And, interestingly enough, when we achieve those accomplishments, we will also usually find that the money comes, too!

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Wisdom: Get on Your feet

Wisdom Get on Your feet - Pathmaker Blog“Getting on your feet starts by getting off your butt!”

Here’s an intriguing rhetorical question: “How many get rich quick schemes have you participated in?” Now, this runs the gamut from Lottery Tickets to Publisher’s Clearing House to Real Estate programs to running actual con games! The thing is, the reality of life is the only way we can expect to be successful is through hard work, diligence, and keeping an eye on the prize! When you take the fact that much of our populace lives in a fairy tale land where there is a chance to live happily ever after because of our Fairy God Mother or a genie who grants lots of wishes, and compound that with the fact that we now have a generation or two who believes in entitlement, and you have the basis for a segment of society who has probably never been told “Getting on your feet starts by getting off your butt!”

So, what does that mean to the business world? It means we are left with the task of teaching young people – and some not so young people – that the key to success is hard work, diligence, and keeping an eye on the prize. We need to teach them that they need to establish goals, and plot a course of action that will help them realize those goals. We need to teach them that no one is going to do it for them, they have got to do it for themselves. We have to show them how rewarding accomplishment through hard work, diligence, and keeping an eye on the prize can be. We have to allow them to learn the truth of the statement, “the harder I work the luckier I become.” Then, and only then, will they understand and accept that “Getting on your feet starts by getting off your butt!”

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Integrity per Oprah Winfrey

Integrity per Oprah Winfrey - Pathmaker Blog“Real integrity is doing the right thing, knowing that nobody’s going to know whether you did it or not.” – Oprah Winfrey

There are two phrases that have come to identify what may very well be the bane of our 21st Century moral fiber:

  • If you don’t get caught it’s not against the rules/law.
  • No harm, no foul.

It is easy to see why so many of our young people, especially those born from 1980 on, are so confused when it comes to integrity. Oprah, a Baby Boomer born in 1954, understands the true basis of integrity.

While we Baby Boomers understand why it is necessary to be integrous even when there is no chance of being caught or facing any retribution if we don’t, the Millennials, and those following them apparently, and obviously, have not had this ingrained into their very being.  For those who accept the validity and veracity of the Bible, we find the need for integrity summed up in Col. 3:23 – “And whatsoever ye do, do it heartily, as to the Lord, and not unto man” (KJV). Once you accept the fact that everything you do is being observed and, eventually, judged by God, it is a little easier to follow these sage words of advice from Oprah!

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1900 – 1924 The G.I. Generation

1925 – 1945 The Silent Generation

1946 – 1964 The Baby Boomers

1965 – 1979 Generation X

1980 – 2000 Generation Y/Millennials

2000 – Present Generation Z or NEW Silent Generation

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