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Social Networking Among Best Internet Marketing Ideas

In his groundbreaking book, Socialnomics, author Eric Qualman offers great advice for those seeking Internet marketing ideas.  He provides insightful analysis of the current state of social media, suggesting that there’s a revolution taking place in our world—a revolution that anyone seeking new and fresh Internet Marketing ideas should heed.

Qualman contends that social media are not a fad, but rather a fundamental shift in the way we communicate.  People are now driving much of the economy via user-contributed content they post on social media sites ranging from Facebook and Twitter to YouTube and Wikipedia.  Social media provide companies and ministries with a unique opportunity to “hear” their customers and constituents that has heretofore been unavailable, short of the expenditure of great amounts of money.

Consider these key points that drive home the value of social media as one of the essential Internet marketing ideas in today’s climate and economy:

  • As newspapers and magazines become more costly and less efficient, social media provide low-cost ways to reach more people.
  • Social media reduce expensive advertising campaigns and middle-men.
  • People no longer need to seek the news; the news finds them, via mobile devices and email.
  • People no longer seek information on products—product information finds them, via social media.
  • Information can “go viral” on social media at an exponential rate, making it more effective and quicker than email.
  • Companies and ministries can gain a stronger “touch” on those they seek to reach via social media, and the best will take advantage of this trend to listen and respond wisely.
  • 34% of bloggers post information on products and brands.
  • 78% of consumers trust peer recommendations.

It’s easy to see, from these crucial points, that social media can be used for all kinds of creative and cost-effective approaches and Internet Marketing Ideas.  The professionals at Pathmaker Marketing would love to help you creatively develop a plan to effectively harness the value of the social networking revolution to advance your business or ministry.

Through our search engine marketing strategy we can help raise your search engine rankings.  Our targeted website analysis will enable you to strengthen your branding and our know-how of social networking will help you reach many more potential clients with your distinct message.  Visit us on the web today for your free website analysis and take advantage of Social Networking—among the best Internet marketing ideas out there today.

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