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Christian Blogging and Keyword Marketing

Choosing a Premier Blogging Service makes all the difference in the world.

The blog post that you are reading right now is part of a 50 Keyword, Compended Blogging system.  It’s a high -powered outreach tool and ministry marketing machine rolled into one.  It could easily be adapted as your church blog, ministry blog or christian blogging system.  To see how this superior blogging tool works, review the posts on my page, notice the categories that are targeting keywords in the right sidebar, click on my calls to action, and enjoy the overall professionalism of this incredible ministry tool.

Consider this as an upgrade to your church outreach online. See it as a major player in your non profit marketing lineup.  Consider it thoroughly as one of your key outreach ideas.  Add it to your core set of small business marketing strategies. Use it as an outlet for preaching or teaching from your pastors, elders, deacons or lay leaders.

Here’s how the blog services work:

  1. I do strategic keyword research to find those golden search terms that I want my blog to appear in the top 10 results on Google, Yahoo or MSN.
  2. I faithfully and thoughtfully blog about internet marketing ideas three times a week or more on my keyword categories (I add other users as I want at to help push up my weekly postings).
  3. The compending system takes my posts and appropriately distributes them (compends and re-allocates) onto my 50 keyword blogs in a search engine optimized fashion, notifying Google about my new content, and saving me tons of time and effort.
  4. After about 50 posts Google starts to notice me and display by blogs in my keyword results.
  5. After 200 posts I’m getting seen as an authority on my subject(s) so I begin to get significant traffic on my target search terms. This goes on forever if I keep on blogging.
  6. I work to convert the qualified traffic that visits my blog into lists, leads or sales through calls to action like Whitepaper Downloads, Case Studies, Webinars, Email Signups, etc.
  7. I watch my business grow because my blog establishes me as an authority in my field and brings me qualified search traffic every single day.
  8. I buy groceries and clothes and other stuff for the wife and kids.
  9. I go to sleep happy as my business grows and I become more successful online.

Any Questions?

Call me at 1-623-322-3334. Ask for Randall Mains at Pathmaker Marketing. Ask about my Premier Blogging Service that is keyword marketing my business all across the internet. If I can do it, so can you. Call today.

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Strategic Web Communication Principle #2 of 5 Part 2B

Practical Tip #2: Implement an electronic welcome series.

The primary goal of your electronic welcome series is to accelerate the process of getting acquainted with your new friends. Don’t make email fundraising part of your welcome series – that would be like asking someone to marry you on the first date. Instead, after you’ve convinced them to opt-in initially on our website, say “thanks” on a landing page and/or auto-responder email, then offer them ministry freebies or some other incentive-based opportunity in exchange for their snail mail address. Pathmaker Marketing has established metrics that indicate that for every 100 emails you collect by asking for First Name and Email Address, you will be able to convert 63-65% into full name, phone and mailing address in exchange for a Welcome Kit.

For example, let’s look a this example to see how this process works. Here’s the incentive-based landing page that we’ve helped various not for profit organizations establish:

The Presidential Prayer Team
Jewish Voice Ministries
Gregory Dickow Ministries

Click through the process in each case to notice all the incentives for signing up. The email sign up page asks the visitor to exchange their name and email address for the goodies offered. You don’t need to ask for more than two pieces of information: First Name and Email address. With these two things you can correspond with someone in a personalized way by email. Anything more can cause anxiety and lead to reductions in signups.

If you walk through the process online, you come next to the “Thank You” page that appears after the sign-up process occurs, with links to the promised benefits pages.  Usually the Welcome Kit offered will convert 63-65% of your email signups into snail mail addresses, when properly strategized.

Notice how it includes another incentive-based offer – a Free Welcome Kit in exchange for mailing address?  Once this transaction occurs, you now have a full range of marketing data: Full Name, Email, Snail Mail, and Phone to begin a dialoge with your newfound friend. In addition, your Member Benefits page can provide for immediate downloads of prayers, helpful tools, and more that were promised at the beginning of the eWelcome series. This entire process can happen in a few minutes. In addition, auto-responder emails are sent at each transaction point, repeating the information.

The eWelcome series is completed through a series of automated emails that go out over a period of weeks to the new signups.  Typically, your first email goes out the same day and is followed by one email each week thereafter, for up to 6-8 weeks total.

Your website eWelcome series is a strategically critical component in your lineup of small business marketing strategies for the internet.

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Strategic Web Communication Principle #2 of 5 Part 2

Principle #2: Develop your email fundraising and communication tools.

Before you send your first email though, you need to determine what metrics to use to measure your success. For example, if your objective is to get people to your site to take a specific action, how will you know how many visited your site as a result of a specific email? There are tools that help you measure how many of your emails went to bad addresses or were rejected, how many recipients opened them, how many clicked through to your site, and how many took the desired action. You can go even further and learn what parts of your email people are clicking on, to isolate what’s working and what’s not. Nifty philanthropy tools even exist to do economical multivariate testing of graphics with different calls to action — example: 8 Seconds.

Here’s two good examples of email fundraising tools we use for clients at Pathmaker:



ExactTarget being a good example of a sophisticated high end blasting tool, with iContact being an affordable smaller company tool.

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Keyword Marketing Using a Five-part Strategy

I want to share with you a specific strategy that we are using to help our Pathmaker clients in the area of Keyword Marketing. This is a five-part plan for effective internet marketing and prospecting by targeting keywords used in Google searches.

The goal of the plan is to isolate priority keywords that relate to the ministry niches of non profit organizations. This approach can also be used in any commercial business.

Step One is targeting keywords that will give you qualified website traffic that you can convert into marketing assets…namely lists, leads, gifts or sales.  I’ll talk more about Keyword Research in future posts.

Step Two is identifying strategies you can use to gain dominant real estate positions on your priority keywords.  Often this second step is begun by targeting searches around your company name, executive’s name, or ministry brands. These are your priority keywords and you should be looking to establish complete domination of the real estate around these keywords.

I usually break down the keyword results into the following categories:

  1. Your Websites
  2. Positive Reviews (but not your sites)
  3. Neutral Results
  4. Competitor Results
  5. Negative Results

If your ministry, top executive or ministry brands have any search results showing up in category #5, you need to go immediately into reputation management mode, whereby your top objective is to subordinate any negative or adverse search results onto page two, three or four, which most people never read.  These negative results are tarnishing your brand.  Why would someone consider making a gift to your ministry (or buy from your business) after reading a compelling piece of adverse publicity about you in the top 10 listings?

If you don’t have any #5 results about your company, (celebrate over lunch first) then you can proceed into targeting keywords using the five-part strategy below. Your goal is to move competitor listings, and potentially even neutral listings, off of page one top 10 results by replacing them with search results that you control.

The chart below shows how to do keyword marketing using five core methods:

  1. Search Engine Optimization of your website;
  2. Pay-per-click advertising via Google, Yahoo or MSN;
  3. Link building in multiple ways like local listings, volume, deep, and authority links;
  4. Targeting Keywords using our premier blogging service (Not just any blog will do, but our keyword targeting, com-pended blog services will);
  5. Entering the Social Media world strategically and effectively.

An illustration of this approach is vividly demonstrated in the image below.

Keyword Marketing Five-Part Strategy

More insights into how to accomplish this will come in future posts.

In the meantime, if you’d like to talk with Pathmaker about how our Keyword Marketing and Search Engine Optimization Services shown above can help your 501c3, simply call us today for a free consultation (623-322-3334).

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Virtual Tours in Non Profit Website Design

Ever consider making a virtual tour a vital part of your non profit website design? The typical virtual tour is typically 360 degree still shots of the inside and outside of your facility. But Pathmaker Marketing LLC is working on a tour that is much more.

We’re serving a client whose facility in Europe represents an important part of world history. We’re working to film their regular visitor tour. We’re using the audio from that tour along with video of the docents wearing period attire. While listening to the tour, virtual visitors will be able to interact with the room to make the history come to life.  This Virtual Tour will become a part of their arsenal of incredible online marketing tools.

We’re partnering with a wonderful organization to help us put together this unique tool. If a virtual tour is a part of your non profit website design future, you might want to give Pathmaker Marketing a phone call at 623-322-3334. You can find our Virtual Tour partner online at: Regal 360.

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