Sometimes What We Have The Right To Do Isn’t Right To Do

Frequently this statement is attributed to moral issues, especially those that are now “protected” under the U.S. Constitution.  The reality is, of course, it is also true in a host of other realms, including the business world!

If you own a business you can pretty much draft the policies that you will follow regarding employee relationships.  And, the policies that you develop may not only seem appropriate, they actually may be so.  However, holding a “strong line” might not prove beneficial to either you or your employee.

Hypothetical situation:  You have established a rule that all employees must be at your place of work thirty minutes before the workday starts.  Everything is going fine until Mass Transit changes the bus schedule so that one of your best employees is not going to be able to get there thirty minutes early, but rather only twelve minutes early.  You obviously have the right to dismiss this employee and make them find another job – – but, is that the right thing to do?  It’s not like they are coming in late for “start time”  And, even if they were, is letting them go better than readjusting their hours?

The question now becomes, “How do we distinguish between what we have the right to do and what’s right to do?”  The answer may be more simple than you think – – the best policy may be to simply adhere to the GOLDEN RULEDo unto other as you would have them do unto you.  How devastating would it be to you to lose your job because of something you have absolutely no control over?

This probably brings up yet another important issue:  While businesses must be run on “absolutes,” there typically is a way to work within the parameters of the “spirit of the law” and not necessarily the “letter of the law.”  When we, as managers or owners, encounter situations where we have to evaluate or re-evaluate the rules we have established, we must examine what we hoped to accomplish when we made the rule, and then determine if the business, and the employee, are best served by strict adherence, of if it would be better for everyone concerned to create the “exception” that makes it a viable rule!

Moving your Facebook Page to 100,00 Fans

Moving your Facebook Page to 100,00 FansThere are a multitude of activities where it can be said, “it’s a numbers game.”  This is probably no truer that in the realm of Social Media, and, of course, one of the major aspects of that realm is Facebook.  While “Fans” and “Friends” are important when you are socializing, they are downright vital when you are using your Facebook for business.  As a result, it is important that if Facebook is to be a major part of your Internet Marketing that you know the ways to build your number of Fans to 100,000 plus!

In essence, there are three ways that this can be accomplished.  The one you opt to use, of course, depends on a number of things, including but not necessarily limited to your budget and your time frame.  With these thoughts in minds, there are basically three avenues of approach that you can pursue.



This is accomplished when you use your Facebook Page to disseminate helpful content to your Facebook Fans.  To do this, it is helpful to have a true, heartfelt desire to share information that others can use.  When this happens, your Fans, in turn, will have a desire to Like, Share and/or Comment on your posting. Once this transpires, you will become part of the “News Feed.”  The next obvious step is the fact that the Friends of your Fans will then Like, Share, and/or Comment on your content.  And THAT is the key to this approach!

What you should have, nay, what you must have is Interaction with your content!  If you do not have Interaction, the content is basically “isolated” and, for all intent and purposes, is doing you little or no good.  On the other hand, if there is enough Interaction your Facebook Post could actually go Virile, and that, of course, would be a very good thing!!!!

Linear Growth is considered “organic,” as it is a “natural” growth.  As a result, you shouldn’t be surprised if it takes twelve to eighteen months for you to reach the kind of numbers you are looking for.



In this case, your “Advertising” is supplemental to posting good content.  The Advertising you do should, of course, be in Facebook.  The Advertising can be directly  related to the content, but does not have to be.  In this realm you have two choices:  You can Advertise for your Facebook Page, or you can even make it “Post Specific.”

As can be imagined, Advertising will excel the growth of your Facebook Page. Fortunately, this can be accomplished relatively inexpensively, utilizing as little as a twenty-dollar budget.  Known as “Ad Boost,” this will, typically, get you more “Page Likes..”  As usual, you have an option or two here at your disposal.  You can either Ad Boost to the Friends of your Fans, OR you can choose a specific demographic and concentrate on that with your Ad Boosts.  As one would suspect, Ad Boosts will create a situation where your “Growth Curve” will be greater than if you are only building your Page in a Linear manner.



The inclusion of Contests and Giveaways in your Internet Marketing Program gives you the potential of having the growth that takes place be on an exponential level.  The intent of the Contest/Giveaway Program is to accomplish three things:

  • “Rev Up” your Fans.
  • “Hook Up” with Fans your Brand may have but are not yet on Facebook.
  • “Connect” with potential new Fans.

Ideally, of course, when you proceed with your Contest/Giveaway you will do all three!

An issue, or concern at least, deals with the question as to whether or not your Contest/Giveaway should deal directly with the product/service you offer.  While they don’t have to, it stands to reason that they probably should.  Let’s look at an example and then explore why a direct correlation is probably beneficial.

A while back we had a client who was introducing a new Bible into the marketplace.  They decided to run a Contest, and the Grand Prize was a trip to The Holy Land.  As you can see, people who would be most apt to be interested in a trip to The Holy Land would also be pretty apt to be interested in Bibles so the contestants that participated in their Contest were virtually qualified leads.

Now let’s look at a scenario where the Grand Prize is so grandiose that you will get lots of contestants, but that may or may not be interested in your product/service.  Let’s say you are offering a Grand Prize of $10,000,000.00.  You can rest assured that you are going to get a lot of traction for your Contest.  But, it is pretty safe to assume that the vast majority of the people who enter your Contest are only interested in your Grand Prize.  On the other hand, let’s suppose you operate a Sporting Goods Store and the Grand Prize you are offering is a new 16’ Bass Boat.  Now, the people who participate in your Contest are, at the very least, interested in fishing and probably interested in hunting as well.  Now, you have people who are as much interested in your product as they are in your Grand Prize!

As you can see, whichever way you choose to build your numbers the ensuing growth is never happenstance, but rather the result of a well thought out, coordinated plan.  If you are not sure which way you want to go, or feel that you need help in implementing any or all of these programs, feel free to contact me, Randall Mains, at 1-800-224-2735 Ext. 1 or  I am sure that regardless of the route you choose to use, if you are committed and stay dedicated to it you will achieve the goal you have set for yourself!

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